Legos are not only for children! But, they can become great tools for learning if you work towards it. The are the best example of this.

With many historical monuments from around the world available for you to browse and build at leisure, this is the toy to get your creative kid.

The sets go back and forth between the different parts of the world, with the beautiful sets including the Empire State Building and the Great Wall of China, the number of design styles it follows is enormous too, offering you only the best.

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Make Architecture Fun with Lego Architecture Sets

How did this come about?

Lego Architecture is special because it incorporates the ideas of real life . The designs were originally used in Adam’s mini-replicas of the real-life marvels.

The took him under their wing to create this set. The sets feature the artistic replicas that he usually made for his website, and have varying degrees of difficulty in assembling.

The passion shows in the minuscule details, whether it’s the elegant Farnsworth House from Illinois or the Chicago Skyline, the detailing is something that you’ll enjoy adding to your Lego collection.

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What kind of architectural styles?

  1. Cityscapes [Skyline]

Want to introduce a new dream city to your child’s view. The special edition Skyline range from Lego Architecture is the place to forward with it. The range covers the city-wide views of world-famous cities. These are built to keep you engaged for long hours with a large number of pieces that you can use.

The Venice Line with 212 pieces will get you a view of the  Venice architecture with St. Marks Basilica and the Bridge of Skies. The other parts include Paris, London and other famous cities.

This is a great introduction to the geography of famous places and also give you a chance to capitalize and explore the great architectural marvels in some of the great old cities of the world.

  1. Landmark

The second in the line and probably the most recognizable of the Lego Architecture sets. With the set stretching out from the modern architectural marvels like Burj Khalifa to the old ones like Eiffel Tower, you’re found to get stuck. These are ones with a bit harder build, and it can keep you going for days.

The number of pieces ranges in the high 300s, so, you can bet on your experience lasting for hours at an end. Since the style follows the architecture of each place, this wouldn’t just be a showpiece to put in your home.

The best part is that though it covers relatively fewer landmarks even now, it does have the charm of being a family playtime which keeps you educated while, being fun.

  1. Architecture

This is our favourite; the range deals with the largest numbers of pieces and details architectural marvels like the White House and the Farnsworth House. The piece number in 1000s and it will engage you for days at an end.

The best part? The detailing goes into the minute points. You get chair pieces and get to visualize the architecture up close. With artist’s such as Frank Lloyd Wright having been the one to design the original building, you can expect something marvelous.

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What are the sets available?

There are 40 sets of these creations available with ten special editions.


The iconic Chicago Building is available in a small build with only 69 pieces. The piece stands 9 inches high and reflects the new changes to the buildings name. This was also the first set they released in the Lego Architecture line, and it has gone strong ever since.

LEGO Architecture Chicago 21033 Skyline Building Blocks Set (444 pieces)
198 Reviews
  • Build a detailed model of the Chicago skyline!
  • Includes Willis Tower, John Hancock Center, Cloud Gate, DuSable Bridge, Wrigley...
  • Includes collectible booklet containing information about the design, architecture...
  • LEGO Architecture building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for...

The John Hancock center with its straight modernist architecture is a dream come true for architecture students. One of the sets from their Landmark lines, this building from Chicago has also been immortalized in Lego bricks.

LEGO Architecture John Hancock Center (21001)
30 Reviews
  • Replica of real-world architectural landmark John Hancock Center
  • Booklet included with details on design and history
  • Measures 7.5" (192 mm) tall and 3.1" (80 mm) wide
  • The perfect display for any architect or fan of spectacular city skylines

The Empire State Building is one of the most iconic architectural pieces that has ever been created. Over the years it has become central to all of our pop culture. This stands at 77 pieces and stands at 7.4 inches.

LEGO Architecture Empire State Building (21002)
273 Reviews
  • Replica of real-world architectural landmark Empire State Building
  • Booklet included with details on design and history
  • Measures 7.4" (188 mm) tall and 3.1" (80 mm) wide
  • Perfect for any New Yorker, world tourist or architecture fan

It’s hard to imagine an American diaspora without the Seattle Space Needle, The iconic circular architecture at the top is yours to recreate. This product is also about 8 inches tall and comes with an information booklet.

LEGO Architecture Seattle Space Needle 21003
365 Reviews
  • Replica of real-world architectural landmark Seattle Space Needle
  • Booklet included with details on design and history
  • Measures 8.7" (22.2cm) tall, 3.1" (8cm) wide and 2.5" (6.4cm) deep
  • Toy

This building is one of the pieces that has garnered international attention from the moment it was released. Over the years it has become iconic for the intricate styles in designing each of the parts. Well, don’t worry.

This is one of the sets from the Architecture lines which contain 208 pieces, so, you’ll be able to re-create one of the modern architectural marvels and yet, keep its authenticity and minute details intact.

LEGO Architecture Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum 21035 Building Kit
71 Reviews
  • Build a detailed model of New York City's architectural icon!
  • Includes Frank Lloyd Wright's famous rotunda, the 8-story annex tower and 5th Avenue...
  • Includes collectible booklet containing information about the design, architecture...
  • LEGO Architecture building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for...

One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous works, Fallingwater embodies Japanese architecture in Wright’s famous organic architectural style. With over 800 pieces this set is designed to keep you going for a while.

LEGO Architecture Fallingwater (21005) (Discontinued by manufacturer)
227 Reviews
  • Replica of real-world architectural landmark Fallingwater
  • Booklet included with details on design and history (English language only)
  • Measures 10" (256 mm) wide
  • A striking and imaginative display for your desk, bookshelf or mantelpiece

WIth a replica of the oval office with the famous chairs and tables thrown in this is one of the more intricate models from the stable house of Lego. This stands at over 500 pieces and will keep you engaged for a long time.

LEGO Architecture White House (21006)
513 Reviews
  • Replicate the home to the nation's Head of State using 560 pieces of LEGO
  • Based on the James Hoban design chosen by President George Washington on July 16,...
  • Assembled White House model stands 9" (22 cm) wide on a base with printed name label
  • Includes a booklet with facts about the building, its construction and its history

While this might be a less intricate build than the rest of the Architect series, this also follows the design of the later additions as well, as the older Rockefeller Centre. Multiple buildings and architectural styles which overall add to your Lego collection? This is the set to go for.

LEGO Architecture Rockefeller Center (21007)
67 Reviews
  • Architecture Rockefeller Center Collectible
  • Collectible
  • Toy
  • LEGO

One of the landmarks of the Landmark series from Lego Architecture, the Burj Khalifa is a small replica standing 15 inches high. It provides a unique opportunity to add to your collection of Legos.

LEGO Architecture Burj Khalifa 21031 Landmark Building Set
76 Reviews
  • Build a detailed model of the famous Burj Khalifa in Dubai!
  • Includes collectible booklet containing information about the design, architecture...
  • LEGO Architecture building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for...
  • Burj Khalifa measures over 15 inches high, 3 inches wide, and 3 inches deep

With over 2000 pieces, this is one of the most complex models offered by Lego anywhere. One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie pieces, you not only get to build the beautiful exterior but, the minute detailing on the interior too.

The collection widens and spreads after this. These are the Skyline series and the various architectural marvels throughout.

LEGO Architecture Robie House 21010
88 Reviews
  • Interpretation of real-world architectural icon Robie House.
  • Booklet included with details on design and history (English language only. Other...
  • Measures 4.5" (11.5cm) tall, 16.5" (42cm) wide and 7.5" (19.2cm) deep.
  • Collect the entire Landmark and Architect series sets.

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Build Difficulty

These models were art pieces before being transformed into Lego for our use. So, the build difficulty is considerable. While, the information booklet comes with all the details on how to assemble the beautiful structures, expect to spend hours and even days on these pieces.

As an addition, there’s a separate set of Lego Bricks designed to let you design your structure. That would help you to add to these Lego Architecture marvels, or create your own.

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The Lego Company makes excellent toys, and they don’t shy away from experimenting. These sets are a testament to their innovation and the fact that Lego can easily become of the best games to play for education.

If you’re looking for easier builds, it might be better to look elsewhere, but, these will be amazing additions to your Lego Collections.